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islam is

Islam is a religion but on the other side of Islam is also an ideology. why Islam could become an ideology? . Because Islam organizes all aspects of human life.
until now none of the affairs of men which are not arranged in Islam.
The issue of Islam and the State Administration for example, among Muslims to this day there are three streams of thinking the relationship between Islam and the state administration.
First, the perfect religion of Islam, complete with setting all aspects of life including in the state. In the state had to wear the Islamic system of state administration, state administration does not imitate the west.
Second, the religion of Islam such as the western sense, there is no connection with the affairs of state. The Prophet sent for to uphold the noble life of noble character, and never intended to establish and head a country.
Third, rejection of Islam as a religion but also a complete rejection of Islam as a Western notion that only transmits the human relationship with God. Islam according to this flow there is no state system but there is a set of ethical values ​​of civic life.
According to the author, Shaykh Taqiyuddin An-Nabhani, the founder and first emir of Hizb ut-Tahrir, including the first category, that the constitutional concept of Islam is clear in Islam. Islamic leaders who are able to bring the rules resolve all problems of interaction in both state and society in governance issues, economic, social, educational and political, at home and abroad.
It can be seen from the work of An-Nabhani entitled Nidzamul Hukmi fil Islam translated by Moh. Maghfur Wachid the System Administration History Islamic doctrine and empirical reality.
Book first published in 1950, by both the Hizb Amir Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zallum, is said to appear at the time thought very gripping western thought of the educated sons and daughters of Muslims, that Islam is a religion monastisme (clergy) that Islam has no system of government for a state and country is a country that religious spriritualis.
In the book asserted that Islam is not the monarchical form of government because there is no inheritance to the crown prince is also not a republican system with the pillars of a democratic system of sovereignty in the hands of the people.
Government nor the Islamic empire that gave privileges in government, finance and economics in the central region. Nor is it a federal system that divides the autonomous region.
System of government in Islam is the Khilafah. Consensus Companions also agreed that the caliphate is a unitary state, should not be berbaiat addition to the Caliph, and when the two men had been inducted caliph, then the pertamalah legitimate.

Governance pillars of Islam there were four. First, sovereignty in the hands of Personality ', not in the hands of the people. Handling and controlling of individual aspirations is Personality 'in the form of commands and prohibitions of Allah SWT. not controlled by individuals themselves as they please.
Second, power in the hands of the people in a way bai'at given by Muslims, not by the caliphate to Muslims, because the actual lifting Muslimlah caliphs as their ruler.
An-Nabhani mendeskrip-busi caliphate system with all the terms, form, structure, and procedures for lifting, lowering caliph who constitute one attempt to answer the needs of the people of the existence of a whole conception of grammatical nationality who has actually been a belief of Muslims . Not only that, he struggled to unearth the system until the end of his life by continuing to preach. Since preaching is the proper way to hold the same perception of the people. And now, it's incumbent on us all. Islamic political system is different from other political systems. One of the most important case in the political system of Islam is that sovereignty is not in the hands of the people and the Head of State, but in the hands of Personality '. Only messages of Personality 'divine nature was not monopolized by the head of state (caliph) and not manipulated by the clergy because the position of all Muslims in front of Personality' (both in terms of law and its obligations) is the same. Therefore, despite the implementation of political power and authority is centralized to the caliph, do not cause weakness of Islamic countries, even actually strengthen it. The power of the caliph is the power to execute and implement Islamic sharia law. Control laws and implementation mechanism that is easy and the standards of the obvious (ie texts Personality ') has made this daulah sturdy and erect a blessing for the whole world for centuries. Agree all Muslim thinkers that Medina was the first Islamic state, and what the Messenger after the migration from Mecca to Medina is to lead the Islamic community and portray himself not just as a mere messenger but also as head of the Islamic state of Medina.

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